Pressure Ulcers Etiology

Welcome to the e-learning course on Pressure Ulcers Etiology!

You will learn some useful information on pressure ulcers here, which you will be able to apply in your day-to-day practice.

The course will give you answers to the following three basic questions:

What are pressure ulcers?
We are going to define a pressure ulcer and describe its four stages in detail. It is the correct diagnosis of the pressure ulcer stage, which is the basis for providing timely and appropriate treatment.
What are the causes of pressure ulcers?
We are going to identify the risk areas where pressure ulcers commonly form, outlining the internal and external factors contributing to their development. When you have grasped the causes of pressure ulcers, it will be easier for you to prevent their development.
What are the methods of pressure ulcer treatment and prevention?
We are going to look for successful solutions in pressure ulcer management in professional studies dealing with causes of pressure ulcer development. In relation to this, you will learn how to effectively relieve the pressure on the tissues.
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