Latera beds with a use of lateral tilt

Welcome to our e-learning course!

In this course you will learn all you need to know about the use of the lateral tilt of the Latera bed in your nursing practice.

You will learn the answers to three fundamental questions.

1. What are the benefits and applications of lateral tilting in nursing practice?

  • You will find out about some practical applications offered by lateral tilting and its combination with other functions of the bed.

2. How does the Latera bed contribute to the increased safety of the patient?

  • You are going to learn how the bed helps with the prevention of pressure ulcers
  • and with the prevention of patient falls and injuries.

3. How can the lateral tilt make your work easier?

  • You will learn how to minimise physical strain when performing routine nursing activities
  • and the prevention of occupational injuries and health complications (e.g. back pain).

The course will give lots of practical information which will help with day-to-day nursing practice.

First you are advised to go through the wards focused on the basic adjustments and controls of the Latera bed. Then it will not be difficult for you to understand the benefits and useful features of the bed, which are dealt with in the other wards of this course.

Please come in!