Acute Care Beds Effective Utilization

Welcome to the e-learning course Acute Care Beds Effective Utilization.

Would you like to know what you are going to learn from this course?

You are going to be introduced to the features and functions of the following hospital beds for acute care, which provide:

  • effective treatment of the patient
  • easier work for the nursing staff.

In addition to general requirements for quality and reliability, the Eleganza 3 beds provide patients with a number of benefits:

  • support for the management of vital functions,
  • prevention of falls and injuries,
  • prevention of pressure ulcers,
  • active mobilisation,
  • prevention of nosocomial infections.

The Eleganza modern hospital beds offer a number of benefits to nursing staff:

  • they save time,
  • assist them in their work,
  • help prevent work-related health complications.

The Eleganza 3/3XC beds have easily accessible intuitive controls. You are going to learn more about the controls in the first self-contained ward.

Please, enter the world of effective acute care!