Active Pressure Ulcers Mattress Systems

Welcome to the e-learning course on Active Pressure Ulcers Mattress Systems!

What are you going to learn during the course?

You are going to be introduced to passive and active systems which

  • reduce or completely eliminate pressure on the patient's tissues,
  • thus preventing the development of pressure ulcers and helping in their treatment.

Our primary focus will be on active anti-decubitus systems. In a self-contained section you will be given all essential information on their types, properties and features.

When you have completed the active systems ward, you will gain access to the third ward focusing on the LINET anti-decubitus systems. Our sophisticated solution for acute and long-term care patients includes:

  • the Precioso one-layer system
  • the Virtuoso two-layer system

Both of these LINET active anti-decubitus systems can provide effective prevention and management of pressure ulcers in all patient groups - including the ones with highest risk who are fully immobile.

Please enter the world of anti-decubitus systems!