Safety of patient and nursing staff

What will the course provide?

Welcome to the course Safety of patient and nursing staff.

  • We will have a look at events and situations which may put the safety of patients and nurses at risk.
  • We will also look at ways of preventing these situations.

You will see:

  • how our practice is affected by patient injuries and falls,
  • and the role played by medical equipment, particularly hospital beds.

You will be introduced to the IEC 60601-2-52:2009 standard.

  • defining safety parameters for hospital beds.
  • You will also learn about its relevance to our practice.

In one of the wards we will have a look at the problem of nosocomial infections.

  • You will be introduced to the methods, technologies, materials and equipment,
  • used to prevent nosocomial infections.

There is also a self-contained ward devoted to preventing the complications of immobility.
Here you will learn about:

  • the equipment that can be used to provide effective prevention and management of pressure ulcers,
  • the practical solution for the safe repositioning of a patient in bed
  • and the safe mobilisation of a patient, giving them a higher degree of independence.

Please come in. Set off on a journey to increased patient safety.