Home care

Welcome to the Home Care e-learning course.

The objective of the course is to give you some useful tips, recommendations and advice to make your home care work easier and more pleasant in these areas:

1. Help with routine daily activities:

  • meals,
  • watching TV,
  • getting out of bed,
  • sitting up in bed, etc.

2. Making routine care activities of fully immobile patients more efficient:

  • regular repositioning,
  • washing of the client,
  • changing bedclothes, etc.

3. Client well-being

  • how to create a more pleasant environment for them
  • and how to improve situations for those with impaired memory.

4. Help for clients with impaired vision:

  • features that help them with the bed controls,
  • help with orientation in the dark.

Please enter our care setting where care is more pleasant, easier and safer, for both the client and the carer.