Rules and conditions for the use of Linet® e-learning

1. Fundamental Provisions

Linet spol. s r.o. is the owner and operator of the websites, which is, pursuant to Act No. 121/2000 Coll., the Copyright Act, subject to copyright protection. The Website operator owns all copyright to own content which the Operator posts on the Website, including (but not limited to) the text, design, images and multimedia files. The rights and obligations of the Operator and the Users relating to the use of the Websites are regulated by applicable legal regulations and by these Rules. These Rules are applicable to anyone visiting these Websites. The User expresses his/her agreement with these Rules by accessing any of the Operator’s Websites and using any information posted on the Websites.

2. Scope of Information

The Operator’s Websites content is created by VIP doctors, clinic couches and product managers of the Operator.

Content created by the Users while using the Websites, such as published information from the Users, or information provided by the User through asking a question in an advice bureau or asking a question in the FAQ section etc., shall belong to the Operator.

The Operator endeavours to ensure that the information posted on his Websites is accurate and complete, yet, the Operator shall have no liability whatsoever resulting from the use of any information posted on his Websites, in particular (but not limited to) liability resulting from incomplete or inaccurate information posted on the Websites.

The Operator reserves the right to change and modify the provided information at any time without prior notice.

The Operator may at any time remove any content from his Websites, which is contrary to the laws of the Czech Republic, good morals, or threatens public order, as the case may be. He shall namely be authorized to remove any deceptive and misleading content, content infringing the rights and justified interests of third persons, or content violating human dignity, promoting discrimination based on religion, creed, race or sex or promoting violence or any other illegal behaviour.

The Operator shall in particular have no liability for:

  • the content of third parties’ websites which can be accessed through the Operator’s Websites
  • the content of communication exchanged between the Users of the Websites.

3. Use of the Websites

The User undertakes that while using the Websites, he/she shall observe applicable legal regulations of the Czech Republic, always act in compliance with good morals, rules of fair business dealings and these Rules, and not impair in any way the reputation and rights of the Operator or the other Users.

The User undertakes namely not to:

  • use the Websites, as a whole or any part thereof, in a way other than for his/her own needs, i.e. in particular not to copy, download or disseminate the content of the Websites in a scope exceeding his/her needs
  • interfere in any way with the content of the Websites without prior consent
  • interfere with the security features of the Websites
  • disrupt the use of the Websites by other users
  • send unsolicited emails (spam) and chain emails
  • disseminate through the Websites messages or materials that violate legal regulations of the Czech Republic, good morals or threaten public order
In all other cases which do not fall within the scope of express consent (see above), any handling of the information shall be subject to the Copyright Act and shall require prior consent of the Operator.

4. Access to the Websites and Protection of Personal Data

Access to and use of the Websites is free of charge.

The Operator may make access, full or partial, to the Websites conditional on registration that may require the provision of some of the User’s personal data according to Act No. 101/2002 Coll., the Personal Data Protection Act.

The Operator represents that he shall dispose of the data solely in compliance with applicable legal regulations and use it solely in a scope necessary for achieving of the purpose for which the personal data is collected.

5. Final Provisions

The Rules for the use of the Websites are valid and effective upon their publication. The moment of their publication shall mean the moment of their posting on the Websites.

The Operator may change the Rules at any time without prior notice. The Operator shall notify a change by posting a notice on the Websites. The User expresses his/her agreement with the new wording by continuing to use the Websites.

Date of publication: 17 September 2012